Jute Canvas

Jute Canvas is the finest jute product, closely woven with best grades of fibre, which is relatively inexpensive compared with canvas made from other fibers. Jute canvas is widely used in India for protection from weather. Canvas and Screin lamination with paper polythene is used in mines.

Canvas is a very heavy woven cloth and so is the tarpaulin. Many other classes of cloths are woven with jute yarn with various weave-geometry weights and are much heavier than sacking cloths.

   Hessian Cloth
We manufacture and supply a range of Hessian cloth. This is a plain weave cloth produced from Jute with single warp and weft interwoven weighing not more than 576 grms/m2. All types of standard and non-standard Hessian cloth are available. Our Hessian cloths are extensively used for making bags or as a cover to pack the material.
   Jute Carpet Backing Cloth (C B C )
Jute Carpet Backing Cloth or CBC as it is commonly known as, commensurate to its name, is used as base material for carpets or as the backing material of carpets. Manufacturers and exporters supply CBC in large quantities to many carpet industries throughout the world. Carpet Backing Cloth is mainly used and is in great demand in the carpet industry. CBC calls for export oriented market and jute mills in India are well known in the export market for their produce.
   HDPE / P. P. Woven & Non Woven Fabrics

We are one of the most trusted suppliers of PP woven fabrics in the market. The polypropylene woven fabrics manufactured by us are remarkable for their top class quality and standard. We process them from the best raw polypropylene compounds hence; they are very endurable in nature with abrasion free texture. They are commonly used as base material for the making of bags and sacks. Our PP woven fabrics are widely sought in packaging industry. Apart from that, the company is also reckoned as a leading textile woven fabrics manufacturer in the country.

We are striving hard to supply our customers with the best quality nonwoven fabrics at very competitive prices. We are your best source for different types of nonwovens used in industrial, hygienic, and medical applications. We are ideally located to serve the India markets. Nonwoven roll goods are primarily sold to converters specializing in industrial wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes, medical wipes, food service wipes, oil only wipes, surgical gowns and much more. We have in stock a wide variety of nonwovens at any given time, this helps us to ship the orders on time. Apart from roll goods we have a complete line of industrial wipes, baby wipes, wet wipes, furniture wipes, oil only sorbents which we can also supply on OEM basis.

   Gunny Sacks & Bags
We offer jute sacks, woven meticulously from jute fabrics. These are available as plain and twill bags. These bags are mainly used to pack cement, sugar or other heavy load. Our jute sacks can be tailored as per customer specifications in terms of size. Our jute sacks are designed to meet the ever-increasing demand of jute bags in the farm sector, agro-based industries and cement industries.
   HDPE/ Polypropylene Bags
We also Supply polypropylene bags, which are manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities. These bags are manufactured with attention to every detail like fabric, used, stitching, finishing, etc. Each bag is individually inspected to ensure its desired finish by the buyer. All components from thread to lifting loops are tested for compliance of specifications. Our range of polypropylene bags, plastic container bags are available in varied sizes & can also be manufactured as per client's specifications.
   Jute Twine

Jute twine is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural jute packaging material. It is a twisted natural fiber used in packaging, craft, gardening, critical house hold applications. Because of its softness and good tying qualities jute twine is a great packaging material for all items.

We manufacture & supply jute twine as per your specification and need. Our Jute twine manufacturing factory is equipped with most modern equipment using advanced technology.

   Jute Yarn / Cops
We offer jute yarn in single or multiple twists. These are available in various specifications to suit customer needs. Winding in cylindrical/conical/coneless spools or hanks is done as per requirement.

Our jute yarn finds extensive applications in carpet industry, cable industry and for multiple other usage. These are also available in bleached dyed and blended jute yarn in different colours and compositions.

   Jute Webbing/Jute Niwar
Jute webbing is a narrow weave tape made of jute, using single or plied jute yarn, having width of not more than 6". Jute webbing is a strong, narrow, closely woven fabric and is used as multifunctional product in various industries like wrapping around cables, binding edges of carpets, upholstery etc.
   Coloured & Laminated Hessian Cloth
Coloured & Laminated Hessian Cloth is a diversified output of Jute fabric involving process of chemically dyeing of the grey fabric to derive the desired shade of colour and further is laminated to manufacture various kinds of bags with different applications viz. shopping & wine bags, chemical packaging, rice & other food packaging bags etc.
  Jute Soil Saver
We manufacture a range of Soil Saver Jute in various sizes and specifications. These are used for preventing top soil erosion and are highly effective for soil improvement. Our jute soil saver is used in highway, railway, housing, airport projects, etc. These are available in various width & weight as per requirement


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